Swêd û Europol fînansa NGO an çawan kontrol dikin?

The Swedish government controls the economic activities of independent humanitarian agencies (NGO) from its official institutions based on past experience, with the Swedish Economic Crime Agency’s (Ekobrottsmyndigheten), Swedish banks and Europol (European Union’s law enforcement agency) operating programs and the mobility of money laundering through terrorism, drugs, smuggling, etc.

As part of this program, an ideal non-profit association was established under the name of Swedish Resource Creation Control (Svensk Insamlingskontroll). This association opens a special account with 90 tags and conducts financial checks on organizations that raise money from the public and raise money for their campaigns. Private banks also cooperate with this institution in accordance with economic legislation and force fund-raising institutions to open 90 accounts.

The foundation, which runs a fundraising event under the name “Stiftelsen Roja Sor”, announced in a statement that since March 31, 2020, deposit methods into bank accounts such as Swish, Bankgiro and Remittance had not been used for some time and would continue until a new bank account was opened based on a dispute with the bank where the accounts were located. Describing the negativity with its former banks as painful, the foundation called on Swedes who want to donate to the foundation’s Paypal and other bank accounts in other countries in Europe.

Although the foundation is not a commercial entity, it did not disclose the reasons for what they disputed with the bank and for what reasons, and why they refused to use 90 accounts with a Swedish Resource Control account.

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